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Heinz Winckler

Heinz Winckler is a South African musician and singer who was the winner of the inaugural series of Idols (South Africa). He placed 4th on World Idol in 2003. The show was a one-off International version of the television show Pop Idol, featuring winners of th... Read more

Heinz Winckler

Nicky van der Westhuizen

Apostle Nicky van der Westhuizen is the Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Christian Family Church (NBCFC) in Johannesburg, South Africa. NBCFC has grown to become one of the most influential churches in the City, effectively reaching people of all ages, ethnic g... Read more

Nicky van der Westhuizen

Freddie Wessels

Freddie began his singing carreer at the age of three, when he took first prize at a singing competition. By the time he turned eight, he had recorded his first album "U WEET DIE BESTE." A second album followed and by 1998, Freddie had joined the Brettian stab... Read more

Freddie Wessels

Leon van Rooyen

The ministry of Dr. Leon van Rooyen has spanned over thirty-five years and five continents. As an apostolic leader, he has served as a missionary, pastor, teacher, evangelist, church planter, and relief worker throughout the globe. In both his public and priva... Read more

Leon van Rooyen

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